Professor of Economics, Head of the Economics Department at the University of Birmingham and Editor of International Tax and Public Finance


The economics of charitable giving, fundraising and philanthropy; public economics; social data science; international tax; political economy; and microeconomic theory

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Does Size Also Matter for Charities? (with Carlo Perroni and Janne Tukiainen), forthcoming in the Journal of Public Economics, 2019.

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Great launch event for the National Audit Office-University of Birmingham Tax Centre. Learn more in this press release  and visit our webpage - 

NAO-UoB Tax Centre

So happy to be invited to be on the Advisory Group for the Charities Tax Commission https://twitter.com/KimberleyScharf/status/942878109593939968

Loved speaking to the 6th formers on December 1st at the Ark Academy St Albans in Birmingham. 

Really enjoyed participating in the "Gigs and Robots" panel on November 14th  at #economicsfest, part of the Bristol Festival of Ideas. Here's the link to the Slaughterbots video (scary stuff).

I am one of the speakers with the Training Partnership on "Secrets of Charitable Giving and Social Networks" at  Warwick University on November 14, 2017 and in London on November 27, 2017

Here is the link to the September 2016 VoxEU Article on Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Lessons to learn about the EU Referendum - our 2004 published academic research showed that “Leave” would be a more likely outcome than “Remain” under a Referendum in comparison with delegation of decision to an elected politician. “The Political Economy of Policy Centralization Direct Versus Representative Democracy”, joint with Michela Redoano, Journal of Public Economics 88, March 2004: 799-817.

My contribution to the Oct 2016 APPG on Responsible Tax is here

I was on the panel, "The Alternative to Banking: From Sharia to the Credit Union," at  Kilkenomics 2016 - the world's first economics and comedy festival!

Google Tax Row - It's All About the Base (update February 11, 2016) on my old Warwick University Blog

Slides presented during my Keynote Lecture for the Fifth Workshop on Foundations, Torino, October 15, 2015 

See the December 14, 2015 Wall Street Journal article that talks about my research on Tax Incentives for Giving



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